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Interior Door Brochure

Exterior Door Brochure

Patio Door Brochure

MASTERCRAFT Exterior Doors - Better Components

3-Point Lock Information

Door Component Guides

Interior Door Component Guide

Exterior Door Component Guide

Ball Catch Installation

High Performance Weather Seal

Interior Frame Assembly

Pet Doors

Replacing a 3-Point Key Cylinder

Operating a 3-Point Locking System

Sill Heel Replacement

Oval Lite Plug Guide

Crown Replacement

Weatherstrip Installation

Corner Seal Replacement

Kickplate Installation

Window & Frame Replacement

Door Sweep Installation

Snap Frame Removal

Snap Frame Installation

Vent Lite Screen Removal

Frame Extender Installation

Patio Door Screen Door Retro Fit Guide

Dentil Shelf Installation

Standard Patio Screen Door Installation Guide

Sliding Patio Door Screen Installation

Door Maintenance and Finishing

Woodgrain Steel Care and Maintenance

Paint Matching for Interior Door Frames

Caulk Color Matching Guide

Painting An Interior Door

Steel & Fiberglass Paint Color Guide

Painting Wrapped Interior Jambs

Painting a Steel or Smooth Fiberglass Door

Stain Matching for Interior Doors

Painting a Lite Frame

Mask and Stain Removal Instructions

Stain Used on Fiberglass Doors

Stain Matching for Engineered Wood Core

Stain Recommendations for Stainable Woodgrain Fiberglass

Staining an Interior Door

Staining a Fiberglass Door

Blinds Care and Use Instructions

Prefinished Jamb Color Matching

Energy Efficiency Information

All Manufacturer's Certificates

Steel Commodity Glass

Steel Decorative Glass

Energy Star Flyer

Fiberglass Doors

Steel French Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Specs and Warranty

Specifications for MASTERCRAFT Steel Doors

Interior Door Specifications

Louvered Door Specifications

Interior Rough Opening

Exterior Door Rough Opening Chart

Interior Door Only Sizing

Door Swing Diagrams

Pantry Door Orientation

Features and Benefits for Steel Doors

Patio Door Features and Benefits

Steel Door Comparison

Sliding Door Handing Guide

20 Minute Fire Door Information


90 Minute Fire Door Information

The MASTERCRAFT® Difference

Features and Benefits for Fiberglass Doors

Door Installation Guides

Interior Single Door Install

Exterior Single Door Install

Interior Double Door Install

Exterior Outswing Door Install

Interior Door With Split Jamb Install

Exterior Door With Sidelite Install

Interior Jamb Assembly

Exterior Double Door Install

Patio Door Install

Exterior Service Door Install

Center Hinge Patio Door Install

Commander Single Swing Install

Sliding Patio Door Install

Exterior Metal Framed Single Door Install


Adjusting Spring Loaded Hinge

Plumb Test

Interior Warp Test

Loose Hinge Screw Correction

Exterior Warp Test

Exterior Lite Caulk Removal Instructions

Lite Position Adjustment