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No Glass
No Glass: With numerous options for the number and shape of door panels, you can find a style that complements your home.
Fire Door: The typical uses of our fire doors are between the home and attached garage. The state of Wisconsin requires this door between the home and attached garage. Other states and municipalities may have similar requirements. Please check the local building codes for proper use. Fire Doors are available in Steel.
Door Styles:
No Glass 2-Panel Arch
2-Panel Arch
Moorish Teak 2-Panel Arch Plank Slab
2-Panel Arch
Moorish Teak
No Glass 2-Panel Square
2-Panel Square
No Glass 2-Panel Mission Plank
2-Panel Plank
No Glass 3/4 2-Panel
3/4 2-Panel
No Glass 3-Panel Mission
3-Panel Mission
No Glass 5-Panel Equal Raised
5-Panel Equal
No Glass 6-Panel
No Glass 9-Panel
No Glass Flush
Fire Door 6-Panel
Fire Door
  • 2-Panel Arch
  • 2-Panel Arch Plank
    Moorish Teak
  • 2-Panel Square
  • 3-Panel Mission
  • 2-Panel Plank
  • 6-Panel
  • 9-Panel
  • 3/4 2-Panel
  • 5-Panel Equal Raised
  • 6-Panel
    Fire Door
  • Flush
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