Exterior Doors
Frame & Sill Options
Complete the look of your door system with our frame and sill options.
Frame Options
Door frames are available in many materials and widths to meet your needs. All come with high performance compression weatherstripping to prevent air and water infiltration.
prime frame
Best Value
Primed Frame
  • Primed, ready to finish
  • All wood construction
Composite Frame
Lowest Maintenance
Composite Frame
  • Will not rot, absorb water, or fade
  • Available in White, Sandstone and Bronze, Black & Dark Oak
  • Same finish inside and out
oak frame
Easy to Stain
Oak Frame
  • Solid Oak construction for easy staining
  • Allows interior and exterior to be stained to match existing woodwork in your home
steel frame
White Steel Frame
  • Expandable frame from
    4-9/16" to 5-1/2" or 6-9/16" to 7-1/2"
  • Made completely of metal
  • No Brickmould
Aluminum clad frame
Paintable Interior
Aluminium Clad Frame
  • Available in White and Sandstone
  • Superior strength, snap on brickmould and folding nailing fins
  • Allows interior to be painted to match existing woodwork in your home
Sill Options
MASTERCRAFT adjusting sills are designed to prevent energy loss and build up of condensation while creating a tight seal every time.
Adjustable brass sill
Adjustable aluminum sill
Adjustable bronze sill
ADA Accessible Sills
Our 1/2" tall ADA accessible sill meets residential and commercial building codes while maintaining the proper slope to keep air and water out.
Outswing Sill
This high-profile outswing sill, with advanced weatherstrip, is engineered to create a tight seal and keeps water and air from infiltrating your home (double doors only).
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