Exterior Doors
Glass & Hinge Options
Standard Hinges
Hinge Options
Hinges connect the door and the frame and allow the door to hang, swing open, and close. Smoothly functioning hinges make a door that swings with ease.

Standard Exterior Hinges
  • Removable pin (for easy door removal)
  • 3 hinges used per door
  • 4"x4" hinge size
Spring-loaded Exterior Hinges
  • Allows doors to close automatically, with adjustable tension, to ensure proper closing force
  • 2 hinges used per door and 1 standard hinge
  • 4"x4" hinge size
Glass Accent Options
Glass Accent Options
Glass accents are metal bands that join the glass together on select glass options. Choose hinges and a sill to match the glass accent to tie the look of the door together.
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