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Interior Doors
MASTERCRAFT interior doors are available in a wide range of styles. From classic to rustic to modern, our interior doors are built to suit your needs.
By Configuration
Doors are used throughout the home in multiple configurations. Whether you need a space saving pocket door, a swinging door for a bedroom, or a grand entrance to an office, we have an Interior door option for any room in the house.
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By Construction
Doors do more than just open and close; they are meant to separate or open up spaces, add security, and create privacy by controlling sound. How the door is constructed can greatly impact all of those aspects as well as the look of the door. So whether you are looking for a specific material or want to create a feeling of security and privacy by simply knocking on or opening a door, we offer multiple, durable door construction types to choose from.
Stile and Rail Door Cutaway
Stile and Rail Doors
Stile and Rail Doors are constructed from individual rails, stiles and panels to make doors in the traditional architectural style. With raised and flat panels in multiple species and materials, choose from a wide variety of doors.
Duracore Door Cutaway
Duracore Doors
Duracore Doors are premium interior doors when considering privacy. Starting out as Hollow Core Doors, these doors are filled with environmentally friendly foam for the highest level of insulation and privacy between rooms.
Solid Core Door Cutaway
Solid Core Doors
Solid Core Doors, constructed with a solid core between two molded surfaces, offer more strength than Hollow Core Doors and provide additional noise reduction for added privacy.
Hollow Core Cutaway
Hollow Core Doors
Hollow Core Doors are lightweight doors created from two molded surfaces with a hollow cavity in between. These doors are available with a smooth or wood grain texture and mimic the look of a traditionally built door.
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By Material
We have a variety of species that will add to and impact that specific style you are looking for. Each material has its own unique characteristics that impact the look, finish options, and feel of your home.
Cherry Swatch
Cherry is a medium hardwood best known for its luxurious look, smooth grain and exceptional color.
Knotty Alder Swatch
Knotty Alder is a medium density hardwood with a fine grain pattern that has a rustic look.
Knotty Pine Swatch
Knotty Pine is a softwood with a random display of knots, showing the beauty of natural wood.
Maple Swatch
Maple is a dense hardwood often known for its straight and sometimes slightly wavy grain.
Oak Thumbnail Image
Oak is a heavy hardwood. Known as a timeless wood species, oak blends a wide range of designs and styles.
Pine Swatch
Pine is an abundant and fast growing softwood that is known for its distinctive grain and straw-like color.
Poplar Swatch
Poplar is a medium density hardwood known for its fine, straight grain and even texture.
Primed Woodgrain and Primed Smooth Swatch
Primed doors make painting your door any color a breeze after a light sanding.
Prefinished thumbnail
Select from our prefinished door styles and let us do the work for you. Classic styles or trending colors, we've got you covered.
Finishing Touches
Interior Frames Closeup
A frame is used to hang a swinging door in a wall. We offer various options to match or contrast your door.
Interior Door Hinges
Hinges allow the door to hang, swing open, and close. We offer multiple different finishes to match your style.
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